About Us

Since 1950, Dellafranca Development Corporation has been providing building services that combine superior design using only the finest quality materials. Dellafranca Development is the successor to three generations of builders and continues to provide the communities of Long Island with building excellence. Dellafranca Development has enhanced many communities on Long Island by building structures, both commercial and residential, that are a step above the rest. They have become known for their professional integrity and ability to create pristine, well appointed properties both inside and out.

Dellafranca Development’s greatest reward comes from the recognition received from the community. The Dellafranca team takes pride in creating homes, residential communities, professional spaces, and store fronts which are as beautiful to look at as they are comfortable to live and work in. Careful attention to design detail and functionality is given to every project and property. From the very start, Dellafranca Development has been honored by their reputation, sustained by the wide spread praise of community leaders, property owners, tenants and financial institutions.

When you choose Dellafranca Development, you are choosing an unwavering commitment to superior quality and customer service. Offering picturesque settings, whether residential or commercial, Dellafranca Development creates an environment where luxury meets practicality, and where neighbors become great friends. Dellafranca Development is there: in the smallest finishing details of your home, office, or real estate project, to help you develop a one of a kind space to meet your own individual needs and desires, and to help you turn your building idea into a reality.