Real Estate Services

Dellafranca Development can help you with the many services you may need when it comes to your property. Below please see the various ways in which Dellafranca Development can assist you with gaining the most out of your land, property, or real estate investment for a successful and happy future.

Construction Management
Property Management
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Property Management Services

Dellafranca Development is not only focusing on Investment Reality, we are a full service Property Management Company. We will remind you why you invested in real estate in the first place. Hiring Dellafranca Development as your project manager, will help you reduce your involvement and increase your return, leaving you feeling secure, relaxed, and able to enjoy your investment. We offer the most extensive service plan on Long Island.

Services Include (but not limited to):

  • Collection of Rents
  • Pay Approved Bills (i.e. Utilities, HOA dues, etc.)
  • Upon receipt of rent, remit net funds within 48 to 72 hours or next working day
  • Rent proceeds can be deposited into your local account, if desired
  • Routinely process all non-payment of rent in court, and all necessary follow up - to include "collections"*
  • Conduct credit, reference, and background checks for all rental applicants.
  • Ascertain that tenants are covered with rental liability insurance
  • Furnish owner with monthly statements, as well as a year end statement for tax purposes
  • Advertising Properties for Lease / Rent with local newspapers, website advertising and more
  • Posting of your property on our web site w/ pictures
  • Pictures of your home are taken prior to occupation and upon tenant move-out for reference purposes
  • Inspections of Properties on an Annual basis; Semi Annual* or Quarterly basis* (*additional fees apply)
  • Comparative Pricing for maintenance work
  • Owner approval for work over $200.00
  • When the unit is vacated, utilities are transferred until re- rented
  • Clean up – Clean out available if required

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